Robot System Products

Robot System Products AB is located in Västerås, Sweden. They offer a complete, standard media supply solution for most robot based automation.


RSP has been the industry leader in high-performance robotic peripheral products for over 30 years.

They aim to provide the highest quality, most reliable and affordable robot tooling products on the market.

Their commitment to outstanding customer service and strong retailer partnerships is unparalleled.


Robot System Products constantly explores emerging technologies to market robotic peripherals that combine leading edge design with performance innovation for production with robots 24 hours per day, 7 day a week, 365 days a year.


It is this dedication that has made RSP one of the most recognized and reputable robot peripheral product brand in the world.


Our products are available for all major robot brands and come with complete documentation.



Founded in 1909, RÖHM is now one of the leading chucking tool manufacturers with a wide and powerful product range.


Drill Chucks, live centres, lathe chucks and vices, gripping technology, power chucks, cylinders and mandrels, tool clamping systems and a major potential of special designs. Numerous renowned users in a wide variety of sectors have been placing their confidence in us for decades.


When it comes to efficient clamping devices, RÖHM is the one capable to offer everything the customer needs. To produce products which meet highest expectations, all requirements from the consulting, over the engineering and production up to the service are fulfilled right from the start. RÖHM is regarded as a driving force which has a decisive influence on how progress develops.



OptoForce Ltd. was founded as a university spin-off from the robotics and bionics lab of the Pazmany Peter University, Budapest, Hungary. Our founders specialized in walking robots and to accommodate their needs, they have developed the foundations of our current products. Now with further engineers in our team, we are working hard on creating the future of machine sensing.

Air Turbine Tools®

With power up to 1.60 hp (1.19 kW) and governed high speeds ranging from 25,000 rpm to 90,000 rpm. Direct Drive Air Turbine Tools® offer a wide range of compact, reliable hand tools, spindles and motors which save on compressed air consumption and give you longer tool life. Air Turbine Tools® are the proven, precise, reliable tools of a new generation™ available today.


Air Turbine Tools, Inc's patented governor control system delivers constant high speed and torque under variable load for increased production, super accuracy and extended cutting tool life.


The peripheral speed, not power or pressure, does the work faster with an improved finished surface.


The oil free mechanism eliminates workplace pollution. In addition noise levels are greatly reduced to as low as 65dBa. Fewer moving parts and less friction in our governed turbine motor means fewer repairs too. No maintenance is required. There are no vanes or gears or brushes to burn up or to wear out or lubricate, and no control unit.


Now a patent pending autochanger lets you automate the spindle loading for your carousel on almost any CNC to retrofit for constant governed high speed and speed up your program 500%. With no duty cycle in 24/7 operation, Air Turbine Spindles® completes detailed operations in a fraction of the time of other spindles.


Light and powerful Air Turbine Tools, Inc's reduce vibration, fatigue and RSI / MSK injury for operators and are nearly silent.


For over 40 years REIKU has been recognized as the Global Leader in Hi Tech Cable Protection Systems. The cost of production downtime and the eventual replacement of failed cables and hoses can be dramatically reduced or even eliminated with REIKU Robotic Cable Management System Solutions. REIKU works closely with all of the major Robot manufacturers developing "customer oriented system solutions".

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