Tool Changers


Robot System Products tool changing systems are low weight, compact and robust with several incorporated safety features, making RSP tool changers the fastest and most reliable on the market.

RSP’s TrueConnect™ system is a patented advanced device locking technology, that automatically lines up the electrical connector pins before making contact, eliminating side-loading which drastically minimizes wear and maximizes operational life.


•Fast docking < 20mm docking stroke

•Forgiving locking device lines up automatically

•Robust design for high torque applications

•Low maintenance

•3D CAD models for Robot CAD systems



The patented locking device TrueConnect™ has an unique design, that doesn't require exact positioning when docking with different tools. The locking device lines up the electrical connector pins automatically to decrease wear and increase lifetime. TrueConnect™ provides absolute position repeatability and is the fastest and most durable tool changer on the market.

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