Our family of swivels provides air supply and electrical signals without limiting your robot’s motion capabilities. You can spin the 6th axis free from hoses, cables or other obstacles. Low weight, high corrosion resistance and minimum service will shorten your cycle-times, enhance your productivity and maximize uptime in any application involving substantial robot motions.


• No limit to axis 6

• Together with RSP hose packages, no limit to axis 4, 5 and 6

• Air, electrical signals, Field bus from axis 6 to the tool

• Also water, 200 A weld power, servo motor power and signal for spot welding


Robot with Swivel

Robot without Swivel

The rotation of axis 6 does not affect the

Dress Pack on the upper arm

Hose and cable package will be twisted around

the upper arm of the robot when axis 6 rotates

350kg - ISO flange 160-11-M12

RSP’s design of swivel units is based on the ISO standard for robot flanges. For the swivel unit to be able to

function properly an adaptation kit has to be included. RSP provides a wide range of adaptation kits for different robot brands. However if you do not find your robot model please contact us.

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