Integration of Essential Leading Edge Technologies

Essential Robot Products, Inc. worked with MWES to integrate several leading edge technologies that we offer. (See us at Automate, Booth 2659). We are showing off the real-world application of assembling tight tolerance parts with a KUKA AGILUS sixx KR-6 R700 robot equipped with the Force/Torque software package. The application uses RÖHM grippers to grip the parts.  The gripper used for the assembly is directly connected to an OptoForce HEX-70-XE-200N force-torque sensor.  The six-axis OptoForce sensor gives the robot the capability to “feel” as the parts go together, sending small corrections to the robots path via high-speed Ether CAT communications to the KUKA controller.  To further enhance the flexibility of the robot and assembly process, the robot is using an RSP STC20-8E, 20Kg Swivel Tool Changer. The swivel tool changers allow for unlimited rotation of the tool without twisting the robot’s cable package.  Eliminating the constraint of the cable package allows the robot to use its full range of motion. The tool changer function allows the robot to pick up additional tools for a multitude of different tasks, such as de-burring. The KUKA cell will demonstrate this by exchanging its assembly tooling for a high speed 450HD pneumatic driven spindle from Air Turbine Tools™. The Air Turbine Tool will simulate a de-burring operation.


Essential Robot Products specializes in robotic automation and cost effective maintenance products. Our offerings support key operations in material handling, spot welding, mechanical gripping, robotic milling/drilling/de-burring, robotic cable management, robotic transfer and force & force/ torque sensing.  Our lines also offer superior OEM quality ABB robot service parts as well as robust, low-cost micro-welding solutions.

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